What does it do?

CampusnNetSync makes sure you can access all course files on CampusNet in a folder on your computer. It is like Dropbox for CampusNet!

How do I use it?

  1. First log in with your campusnet credentials.
  2. Next create a folder to sync to.
  3. Then when you need a file just press the big red button. It will open the folder and fetch the latest changes on CampusNet. That’s it!

Does it work on windows?

Yes, it works on both Windows and Mac OS X. It is first and foremost made for Mac though. So the experience is not as smooth.

Get it!

More questions...

Should I set a sync interval?

You actually don't have to. If you navigate to your CampusNet folder by clicking the red button in the app the files will be synced. In fact I recommend not syncing since there is no point in getting the files before you need them.

How was it built?

It was built with electron which combines node and chromium to allow for development of desktop applications with web technologies. This is also why it works for both Windows and Mac OS X.

You can check out the source on github!

Why build it?

I mainly build it because it quickly became a mess using CampusNet with multiple versions in my download folder. It was also to experiment with desktop development with electron and ReactJS.

What about linux?

Luckily it should be fairly easy to add since it is built with electron. Feel free to fork it and send a PR!

Have any more questions?

Create an issue on github.

Download app Check out the source